2013 in Bordeaux

2013 in Bordeaux

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

First day in Rome!

Dave and DeeAnn as the flight begins

Well we made it.  Flight was long, miserable, noisy, crowded.  Everything you would want in a 16 hour trip.  But we arrived!!!!  With very little sleep and Jean having developed Jerry's cold with a vengeance.  Oh well, a little cold isn't going to slow us down.
Flying over the Swiss Alps on a clear day

Anyone who thinks this is fun needs to have
Their head examined

Took the Leonardo Express from the Rome International Airport, about 25 miles, into Termini Station. Riding the train was fun.  My new suitcase proved it had great wheels when it kept escaping from its spot on the train as it stopped and turned.  

Made the walk to our hotel from the train station , about 6 blocks.  Checked in , went out for a Roma pass and then crashed. I know all the experts say don't sleep, but really...we are OLD and w needed to sleep.  We left the hotel for a little walk.  Down Via Cavour to the Colleseum.  wow that never gets old...( a little ancient humor there.)  We are pooped, so we are calling it an early night.  See you tomorrow!  Ciao!

Made it to New York!

Hi all.  Made it to JFK and waiting some more!  Endless waiting, but having fun with my sister in law Dee Ann and Dave.  Busy airport, waiting just. To get on.

Stopped for a slice of pizza and a glass of wine.  Dee said "I'll get the wine. The man told her the price she got out $9.48.  IT was $19.48!!!  We're not in Iowa any more, Toto!

Fly all night and get to Rome at 10:30 AM their time, 3:30 AM your time.  Pray for us!  Ciao!