2013 in Bordeaux

2013 in Bordeaux

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rome: Thursday night and Friday

Left you yesterday before dinner on Thursday evening.  Dave & Dee Ann rested a bit, we poshished off a bottle of Sicilian wine from the bodega next door and then we went out to Trattoria Monti a few blocks away from our hotel.  We had a reservation (made Wednesday) for this very popular local place.  Good thing too, because we saw them turn away at least 20 who tried to get in.

We discovered Monti on our last trip.  Little (seats 40 or so) but great attention to detail.  Little family place. The brothers are the waiters, Mama runs the kitchen.  Food and wine is fabulous.
To start, red onion flan with Gorgonzola sauce.

This was a 3 course meal.  Starter ....antipasti. Then pasta, then secondi,  which is the meat.

Jerry and Dave had ravioli stuffed with grouper for pasta

Dee and I had Teggliataria  and duck sauce

Secondi, Jerry had duck with orange glaze, David had stuffed rabbit, Dee had fried lamb with artichokes, and I had cod with white wine.

Some wine....ok 3 bottles ....and we came back to Hotel Verona.

Friday morning we woke up to bright sun and a new outlook.  We took off for the Roman Colosseum, about 8 blocks downhill.  That seems doable, but really, both Dave and I are having "toe" issues from walking downhill.  Anyway, quit whining....you're in Rome!  When we arrived the Reeds had pre-tickets, we did not so the wait was about an hour.   

The Colosseum was built in AD 72.  It was finished in 80 AD!    (How long have they been building the Vikings stadium?). It seated 50,000 people plus another 4,000 in standing room (the slaves, you know).  Emperor Titus opened the Colosseum with a gladiatorial games that lasted 100 days.  Animals and gladiators fought for 100 days!  Over 2000 men and 9,000 animals were killed.  No Christians.  That didn't happen in this arena.
Below the stage were where the animals and
Gladiators hung out.

Little skinny bricks, covered with marble

Emperor Constantine's Arch 

Palentine Hill

After getting our fill of the Colosseum we took the metro back to the hotel, rested a little , had pizzas at the joint next door,  Met a lovely gal named Erin who is on a 40 day trip around Europe to find her real self.  Hi Erin!

 Refreshed, we went to visit 2 famous churches. Santa Maria degli Angeli was first.  Originally the Roman Baths.  In1561 it was partially converted to a beautiful church.  The designer?  Michangelo!   Absolutely beautiful!
Dee Ann underground!!!

What a face!

Next we went to Santa Maria Della Vittoria which is the home of Bernini's St. Theresa in Ecstasy. In this statue Theresa has just been stabbed by God's arrow of fire. 

 It is a very erotic sculpture and the rest of the church is just as beautiful.  Jerry and I decided if we ever got married again we would have the ceremony here.  Course, we aren't Catholic....
that might be an issue.

Dee and David went to the National museum of Rome and saw all kinds of cool stuff.  We came back and rested our feet.  Dinner tonight was pasta in the neighborhood and......gelato for dessert.  Course, it was Friday,and NO fish specials anywhere.  Just doesn't happen here even during lent! 

 I'll bet Pope Francis had a steak.

Tomorrow we leave Rome and train to Florence.  See you then.  Arriverderchi, Roma!