2013 in Bordeaux

2013 in Bordeaux

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday in Rome

Well we have Internet for the moment so I am going to try to post before it goes out again.  This is pretty typical of Italy.   Nothing works quite right but no one seems to care.

So yesterday afternoon Dave,  Dee Ann, and I told jerry we just had to stop and eat lunch (it was 2:30 and David was pretty much done with walking.)  We stopped at a local (as in no English ) cafe/bar and had sandwiches.   Jerry and Dee had a club, pruchito cheese, sauce and a fried egg.  I had a stuffed ham &cheese, and Dave a toast sandwich.   Coffee (cafe americano) for the Reed's cost $5.00 @ and was  reported by Dave --- AWFUL.  David likes good old Midwestern mild coffee.  He is having difficulty in Italy.  I love the coffee and so does Dee, but it makes Dave cranky.
typical coffee sandwich bar.  Drink coffee at the bar-

Feeling somewhat refreshed, we started our trek to find the fountain-----.the TREVI fountain.  And it was just around the corner from the coffee bar!

One of the most amazing sites in Rome, Because Rome is in a Medertainian climate, water was very important to the citizens.  The fountain is supplied from the main Aqua Virgo that has supplied water to ancient Rome since 19BC.  In 1629 Pope Urban VIII comissioned Bernini to sketch the fountain. It was not built until 1730.  Legend has it that if you throw a coin over your left shoulder with your right hand you will return to Rome again.  An estimated $3000 Euros are thrown into the fountain each day.  We contributed to it.

After Trevi, Jerry took us to the Pantheon.  This is the oldest church in the world. Actually started out as a one stop worship place for all the Roman Gods.   Built in 126 AD by the emperor Hadrian, it has been in constant use as a worship site since that time.  In the 300's it was commissioned by the Christians.

One of the most interesting buildings.  No artificial light except for the oculus at the top (yep its open to the sky) The proportions are perfect, The distance from the top of the dome to the floor is exactly the diameter of the circle. It is the first dome built and until the 16th century no one knew how it was done.  Michaelango came and studied the Pantheon before he built the dome at St. Peters.    Amazing.

We were heading back to the hotel when we decided to stop at the end of our block at the Santa Maria de la Magiorie Cathedral.  Also amazing.  Beautifully finished inside.  It was begun in 532 BC and houses some of the orginal manger of Jesus ( if you believe what people tell you).

Back to hotel Verona to rest.  Drank a free bottle of wine on Delta (story to come) and then went next door to La Mela Ora, which is a restaurant that Jerry and I went to on our first night in Rome in 2010. The waiter, Christian, REMEMBERED US!!!!

Dave and I had the daily plate, Dee and Jerry ordered a la carte from the menu.  All was great.  After 3 bottles of wine, Grappa and Lemonchello we crawled the 10 feet back to the hotel.

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel and got on bus #64 to the Vatican.  Saw St. Peters.  LOTS more security this year (as you can imagine) but it is still just as amazing. 

Michaelango's Pieta

This place is so big these letters are 6 feet high

Alter by Bernini

Pope John Paul XXIII

St Peter

Michalengo's Dome

 Dave and Dee are still there seeing the Sistine Chapel and the museum.  Jerry and I came back.  We are praying they find their way back without incident.  Dinner reservations a few blocks away tonight.  Cant wait.

My cold is better, We are sleeping past 2:20 AM.  Life is good.  Caio!

P.S. Dave and Dee just made it back to the hotel, saw the Sistine Chapel and didn't get lost.  Hooray for them!!!!  Ciao!

Wednesday in Rome

We woke up to cool and cloudy today.  About 53* .  Dave said he should have stayed in Iowa! Anyway, woke up feeling more rested. Jerry slept on and off, I took a cold pill and slept like I was dead, Dave too, DeeAnn slept on and off like her brother.

Last night we walked around the Colleseum and the Roman forum.
Here we are in ROME!!!
Our balcony in our room at the Hotel Verona

Supper on the street last night.  Pizza by the slice.
The Reeds are off to the Borghese gallery in a taxi.  We have been twice so decided to skip it this time.  We will meet up with them for lunch about one o'clock.  Stay tuned for our day in pictures.


We met Dave and Dee at the gallery when their tour was over by taking a bus.  The streets in Rome are ancient and SKINNY.  Our bus was driving down a street that had parking on both sides and a big dogleg in the middle and he couldnt make the turn.  He honked, and honked, but we were stuck.  So, 5 industrious young men got off and LIFTED the car out of the way so the bus could proceed forward with maybe 2 inches of room.  When they got on the bus we all yelled BRAVA and clapped.  Only in Rome.
Its spring here, even if it is cool.
Those are oranges and lemon on the trees.

We walked down to the Spanish Steps.  They are renovating but the artists were still there and I bought a little 4x4" watercolor.  Then we walked down the RETAIL THERAPY street.  We looked but did not buy.

This dress was 37,000 Euros

We walked and walked.  Really, we followed and followed and followed..... Jerry.  and ended up at some great spots. The internet is down at our hotel GRRRRRR!!!(I am typing this on the lobby computer and the rest of my photos havent downloaded yet......its a complicated process this blog business), so I will save that for later.  Just wanted you to know we are alive and well and having absolutely no fun!!!Ciao for now.