2013 in Bordeaux

2013 in Bordeaux

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tuesday and Wednesday in Florence

Buona Serra.  Today you get two blogs in one.  My iPad is not as easy to blog from as my laptop was last year so I am combining 2 days for my convenience.  Sorry if it throws your day off.   Hopefully it is user error and I can figure out the bugs I am struggling with.

Tuesday we walked completely across town to Santa Croce Church and attached Leather school.  Florence is known for its leather goods, and you can hardly walk 10 feet without stumbling over a leather store.  So after going to the daily market, we took off on a beautiful day to see dead guys and beautiful leather work. 

On the way we saw artists with chalk.
A fountain to fill up your water bottle
Guys trying to sell me bags.

And finally Santa Croce church.
This is old (1294) and houses hundreds of tombs of famous people.  Like:


Michelangelo who grew up in this neighborhood.



Among hundreds of others that we don't know.    This church is also known for its beautiful frescos that cover the walls by the altar.

 Really no photos can do it justice.  

Also a repository for some great art.

 And so on.  

On to the leather school where the art of manufacturing leather goods by hand is elevated to a high art form.  
These people PAY to go to school here.  Everything is done by hand.
We were there at least an hour and she was still working on this purse handle.
DeeAnn found a coat.  Gorgeous!  

It's reversible too!

We left and bought gloves instead. 
Then lunch and a little retail therapy at Ponte Vechio (bridge full of jewelry shops.)

After walking 5.2 miles we came home. Dead tired.  Made pasta for supper.  Well the lady at the market actually made it.  We heated it up!

Wednesday.  Dave and Dee went to the Uffizi Gallery.  Best collection of Renaissance art in the world.  We have been there twice so we arranged to meet them at 1:00 for lunch.

Jerry and I went to the market to shop for dinner.  The market, open every day until 2:00 is where locals shop.  Amazing.

Dried fruit and nuts
Fresh pastas
Veggies and fruit (we bought artichokes...5 for 3 euro.)

Pig heads and legs...just in case you are out of them.

Tripe (cow lungs).  Yum mm (ick)!

Beef steak

Ducks and chicken with feet & heads.
Making pasta

Had lunch here at the exit to the gallery.  Good sandwich, and cappiciano.
Then off to the Galileo science museum. Houses scientific instruments from year 1000 to 2000.
Pocket sundial before watches.
Americus Vespuchi
Galileo's telescopes!!!!
Early thermometers.

Personal scale.  Sit in the chair and your servant puts weights on the Balance. 

2 museums is all feet can handle.  We stopped to buy bread and are back in the apartment now.  The trip is busy but we don't want to miss anything while we are here.  Leave Friday for Pisa and then Genoa.  Trip of a lifetime!!!!!  Ciao!

Oh, David bought a hat.  What do you think?