2013 in Bordeaux

2013 in Bordeaux

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saturday and Sunday in Genoa Italy

Buonasera,  we are waiting for our big dinner out in Genoa, Italy.  We are kind of feeling we have been eating too often and too much, so today was breakfast and potato chips for lunch, last night the same.  We should be good and hungry by the time our dinner reservation at 8:00 tonight comes around.

Yesterday we came to Genoa, Italy from Pisa.  About a 2 hour train ride.  We had our own compartment.
On our way we saw where Carrara marble comes from.

 That's not snow, that's Carrara  marble that they mine from the mountain.

We arrived around 2:00 got a taxi and found the hotel.  Then we went out for one of Jerry's walk abouts.

Our hotel, the Porto Antico.  It's a Best Western!

Cheese pizza.  Very ordinary.  As a matter of fact, terrible.
Streets are pretty narrow!

We walked and walked.  And then we walked some more.  The port is a busy place.  It is chilly and we wear nothing but our puffer coats. And gloves, and scarves. 
Came back to the hotel.  Slept all night.  This morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then took off.  Dee and I took off to go see the fancy houses. 
"The" address in Geona
Bedroom of a dutchess.
View from the roof
Corey and Jesse, can we do this at the lake?

The guys went to the maritime museum and and then walked. 

Came out just when Palm Sunday services were starting.
A cardinal!
 Vegan protest

Palms for sale
 David always looking up.

Met up with the guys and then went off to the harbor tour which was really cool (and COLD).

Then we walked back and rested for a couple of hours.   Now we are off to our fancy dinner.  Looking forward to Nice France tomorrow.  Ciao!