2013 in Bordeaux

2013 in Bordeaux

Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday in Florence....finally some sun!

Last night's dinner was fun.  Jerry and David ordered fish baked in a salt crust.  The fish was brought out table side and served.  Only in Europe would this be available for only $20!

First she cracks off the salt

Then carefully peels off the skin


Dessert was another matter.  It was so good we forgot to take a picture before we ate it!

The plan today was to hit the Duomo and museum then the market.  Well, one out of two ain't bad.  We made it out of the apartment by 10:30 (four people trying to get ready is a real stretch) and walked down to the Duomo (cathedral) square.  We had been inside the cathedral yesterday but today the museum and the Babtisery were open.

An easy walk down of only 6 or 7 blocks, we bought tickets at the new Duoma museum.  This houses all the treasures from the Middle Ages and really they were amazing.  We had been there in 2013, but it has since been redone and is beautiful!

The original doors

Mary and baby

Donatello's Mary Magdelene

Michaelangeo's last Pieta

Finger of John the Babtist

Peter's chains

The healer

The teacher

Scaffolding from 1400

Altar of church...silver

Close up of tapestry

After a few hours in the museum David decided he wanted to climb to the top of Brunelischi's dome.  Dee, jerry, and I found a cafe for a cappiciano and pastry.  It is still cool here so
something warm seemed like a good idea.

Meeting back up with Dave we decided it was time for the Babtisery.  In the Middle Ages, in order for you to worship in the cathedral you needed to be baptized.  So...the Babtisery is a separate building. And GORGEOUS!

Walking to the market we planned to eat and shop.  Only we were too late for the fresh market that closed at 2:00.  Ate some fresh ravioli At a stall, we headed back to the apartment to rest.

After putting up our feet for a little while we took off to a favorite restaurant Of Jerry and mine from a previous trip Palle d'Oro  Really a local place, great Tuscan steaks and veggies.  Chianti Classico, and chocolate cake and a pannacotta for dessert.  Life is good.  

Realizing our time here is short.  David has caught my cold we are hoping Dee doesn't get it.  Tomorrow is Santa Croce and the leather school and possibly  Ponte Vechio bridge for jewelry shopping.  It's a dirty job......

Ciao for now!