2013 in Bordeaux

2013 in Bordeaux

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Beautiful Florence - Friday and Saturday

The Duomo in all its glory.

Boun Giorgio from beautiful Florence, home of the Renaissance.  We arrived by fast train (180mph) yesterday afternoon and got settled in our apartment.

First things first.  Find the wine bar.

After getting unpacked in our very modern little 2 bed, 2 bath apartment we went out for what Jerry calls a look around.  He really meant walking around the entire town of Florence, seriously.  Jerry and Dee in the lead, 20 feet in front of Dave and I.  Those Emlet's stick together. My poor feet.  Ugly black shoes or not, we walked at least 5 miles on cobblestones and slanting sidewalks.

We ate at the market which is like a food court on steroids.  Packed with people, it's the Italian version of fast food.  Everything is fast but freshly made.  Dee and I had spaghetti with Parmesan
 and truffle sauce, Dave had some sort of bean soup and Jerry had his first salad in a week. 

After returning to the apartment, we all rested and contemplated what was for dinner.  On our walk around we had found a restaurant that we remembered from a previous trip, but it was a half mile away.  The other choices were ones in this new neighborhood.  Those of that know Jerry....which one did he choose?  Right!  The one a half mile away.  Guess what?  Full.  We come back to a neighborhood place.  I put my foot down....we are going in here no matter what the wait.  We waited. Turns out the food and service were great!  Steaks, salads, veggies.  Yum.

We walked back the 246 steps to the apartment.  We might eat there again tonight.  Unless he can find something farther away.

This morning was laundry day and always up for an adventure Dee and I set out for the laundromat around the corner.  This was interesting.
Machine on the wall to pay

Coffee machine in the laundromat

 You pick a machine, put your clothes in, then go to a machine on the wall. Pick your machine number and stick in your money.  It starts the machine.  Ok.  Cool, but the weird thing is the laundry soap, sanitizer???, and fabric softener gets squirted in automatically.  Well, you know me and fabric softener.  IT'S POISON!  But whatever.  My clothes are polluted now.!

When we got back, we left agin for the Duomo which is the beautiful cathedral I  had at the beginning of the bogs.  Begun in 1296 and took 150 years to build.  The dome was finished later by Brunichellichi.  Enjoy the pictures.

Now we go inside

500 feet long the Duomo is 3rd largest in Christendom. Wide as a football field.  Dome is 300 ft. Tall and 140 feet wide.  It depicts the last judgement. Amazing. 

Went to the leather market and the guys and Dee tried on leather coats.  We're here all week.  Wouldn't surprise me if one or more don't come back to Iowa. 

Stopped for pizza on the square.  Amazing. 

Off we go again to eat.  Dave thinks all we do is eat.  He is right, and he is just fine with that.  See you tomorrow!  Ciao!!!