2013 in Bordeaux

2013 in Bordeaux

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Monday, Tuesday in beautiful Nice!

Bonjour from la belle France!  This country is our place, I just know it!  First details about last dinner in Italy and getting here.

Sunday night in Genoa we ate across the street at a very nice restaurant called Soho. It was good.  For you foodies here are some photos.

Cream soup with scallops!
Ravioli stuffed with sea bass

Warm seafood salad

Our plat (main course) 

Of course, desserts

On the train to Nice, France.  Took two and a half hours this time.  Saw interesting stuff along the way. 

Have to do this!

Bedrooms have balconies.

This apartment is amazing.  Very "old" French, chandeliers, huge Windows.  A very cute ancient elevator.

We love it here!  We would like to live here.  The apartment is on a street 4 blocks from the sea and right on the edge of the old town. And across the street......
The bakery store!

Now we are exploring.  Very tropical, palms everywhere.

No topless today, Seth.
The beach is rocky but public.

Nice is just a beautiful city.  The streets are clean, the traffic is polite, the sidewalks are wide and flat, everything that Italy is not.  After a long walk along the Promenade des Anglais (the boardwalk along the sea) we came back and went out to dinner at a cute place called Daddies Bistro of all things.   Very authentic however and nice food and atmosphere.  

We had bought some pate and cheese at a boucherie, so a little wine, a little snack and we settled down in our new little home.
La carte menu
 Duck breast 
Fish soup in which stuff is still swimming 
Seafood pasta 

The Negressco Hotel

The cool thing about renting apartments is how fast it feels like home.  We have all staked out territories in the living room, jobs are divided, it just feels like home.  I did laundry in the morning and hung it to dry from the balcony clothes line, then DeeAnn did, and took off for the market.

Walking down the beach again we had two missions.  The TI (tourist information) to get maps and info, and the SFR store (Internet) to get a new SIM card for France for our Web Trotter.  Italy and France are not compatible (in so many ways besides this) and when we crossed the border our WIFI hotspot no longer worked.  Now millions of people travel without one, but now that Jerry has had one, he cannot live without it even for a little while.  So now with a French SIM we are good to go for the rest of the trip.
Water pad in the square.

The market was fun.  Different from most that we have been to, this market had fresh fruits and veggies, olives, etc. but lots and lots of tourist vendors and artists.
For Mary

I bought 2 French Maccaroons, which I dearly love so DeeAnn could taste one.  They are heaven in a bite, melt in your mouth with a filling that is amazing.  The girl at the counter said, to eat?  I said oui and went on my way.  Took a big bite of one and it was SOAP!  Looked just like a macaroon, but I couldn't get it out of my mouth fast enough.  Dave and Jerry laughed as I was foaming at the mouth!!!!  GAG!  So much for my ability to shop in France.  

Flowers are everywhere as it is Easter Week.  

The day was warm to hot yesterday.  Jerry and the Reeds went to the Russian Orthodox Cathedral and he snuck some pictures before he was told not to.

We strolled down a pedestrian street, lots of stuff to see.  

Resting the dogs

Found a restaurant for evening, came back to rest.  At about 8:00 we went down and ate fish, and moules (mussels).  Dinner was OK, not the best but cheap.
Grilled Salmon and Frites

Today the Reeds are off to the modern Art museum and possibly the Marc Chagall museum.  I'm not sure what we will do but have a date to meet up on the beach for a cocktail late afternoon.  

I have heard from so many people that Nice is their favorite place, and I can see why.  We love the apartment, we love the sea, Great food.  Looks like another destination we need to put on the calendar.  And you can fly internationally into Nice, which is a plus!

Dave and Dee leave on Friday for Amsterdam and then Minneapolis.  We will go to Avignon for our week stay there, then on to Paris.  Thanks for traveling with us.  Ciao, Bella!