2013 in Bordeaux

2013 in Bordeaux

Friday, April 1, 2016

Last days in Avignon - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning

Good morning.  Yesterday was our last day in Avignon.  We love this little town.  Not a lot to do, good restaurants,  and a nice apartment.   Perfect rest up place for the 4th week of vacation.
Wednesday we met our good friend Laurence Brun for drinks and dinner.  The last blog explains how we met her, so I won't go into that.  But since we met her we feel like she is such a good friend.
She arrived right on time at a little cafe/brasserie on the main square,  Le Cid.  Unremarkable place, but centrally located we had wine (and coke) and caught up a bit.

We walked back to a restaurant  called LeCaveaux du theatre, which incidentally was right across the street from Fou de Fafa where we ate last night.  Nice inside, small as all French restaurants are,  and pleasant waiter.  Food was good, really good but really visiting with Laurence was the best.  Food pictures coming up!
Foie gras with onion jam to start
Laurence had Beef.
Jerry had fish.
I had the Easter bunny--rabbit 
Desserts were chocolate and strawberries.
Thursday our intention was to take the bus out to the Pont du Gard, which is the largest Roman  aquaduct still standing.  We had seen it in 2013 and Jerry thought it would be fun to go again.   Well on further study the bus schedule said there was only one returning bus and that was 5 hours from when we would get there.   Too Long To Look At A Bridge !  So we didn't  go.
It was a beautiful day so decided on lunch out today and cook at home at night.  Jerry had a ceasar salad and I a Croix monseuir.   We bought some wine to take to Martin and Patricia's.
We've turned the keys over to the landlord and are sitting at a café  waiting for Martin  to pick us up.  I'll blog from Paris about the weekend.   Au revoir!

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